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A blog FOR Laptop Ninjas, not about them. A Laptop Ninja is a cousin of the more common Web Ronin. As a solitary figure who's skills with computer technology and design, the Laptop Ninja survives by performing contract work from cafes, public parks, and sometimes rooftops. The Laptop Ninja's sword is his 802.11 connection, his iPod his throwing stars, and his Bluetooth cellphone his Nunchucks. All of which are usually carried in a discreet messenger bag.
Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Hokkaido installs musical location signatures
If you drive on the highway, you're probably aware of the grooves responsible area governments put on the shoulders that create a tone that'll wake you up should you doze off and drift to the side. Well, this 'technology' is going to be untilized in Hokkaido in a finer form. Through careful placement of grooves, road builders can create little jingles that will resonate through the vehichle when driven over. How long 'till McDonalds has their jingles imbedded in the drive-through lane?

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