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A blog FOR Laptop Ninjas, not about them. A Laptop Ninja is a cousin of the more common Web Ronin. As a solitary figure who's skills with computer technology and design, the Laptop Ninja survives by performing contract work from cafes, public parks, and sometimes rooftops. The Laptop Ninja's sword is his 802.11 connection, his iPod his throwing stars, and his Bluetooth cellphone his Nunchucks. All of which are usually carried in a discreet messenger bag.
Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Canadian Wireless Number Portability Finally Gets a (Distant) Date
Just a head's up to you Canadian Laptop Ninjas, after ignoring the issue, then waiing for the carriers to deal with it, then dragging it's heals, the CRTC has FINALLY set a date for wireless number portability in Canada: March 14th, 2007.

Seems like a ways in the future considering all carriers knew it was coming, and our neighbours to the south were able to do it in about half the time.

"This decision establishes the earliest feasible date for wireless number portability consistent with a smooth and reliable transition for wireless customers," says Charles Dalfen, Chairman of the CRTC. "Consumers should be given the widest possible choice of service providers and should be able to switch telephone companies without unwarranted cost or inconvenience."

So who wants to lay bets on this deadline being extended even more?

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