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Laptop Ninja
A blog FOR Laptop Ninjas, not about them. A Laptop Ninja is a cousin of the more common Web Ronin. As a solitary figure who's skills with computer technology and design, the Laptop Ninja survives by performing contract work from cafes, public parks, and sometimes rooftops. The Laptop Ninja's sword is his 802.11 connection, his iPod his throwing stars, and his Bluetooth cellphone his Nunchucks. All of which are usually carried in a discreet messenger bag.
Tuesday, March 22, 2005
From the "So Cool that can't be Real" files
The Pixel Roller is an art project thingy that does what it says, it rolls pixels onto any surface, detecting its location and spraying pixels accordingly. Even cooler, it usess paint that glows at first, then fades. This video needs to bee seen to be believed.

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The Next Frontier of Pizza Delivery
This looks like a small step away from the Deliverators that worked for 'CossaNostra Pizza' in the book 'Snow Crash' (if you haven't read Snow Crash, log off imediately, go to your local Chapters, B&N, Indigo, whatever, and buy it immediately!). It's a pizza van that gets your order, parks the van, makes the pizza, and then cooks it while it's on the way to your home. 15 minute delivery times?!?! Sounds good to me! Look for Super Fast Pizza coming soon to a street near you.

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Friday, March 18, 2005
A Dataforest
This cool app from Creates a pretty tree image of what your data looks like. Perhaps not the most usefull visualization tool, but certainly one of the nicest looking.

Also listen to your data while you're there as well.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
Aside from the article being somewhat alarminst (shame on Tom's Hardware), this article is really uselful in telling you how to make your own bluesniping rifle (read really cool looking and powerful directional antennae).

Thanks to Paulsy for the head's up.

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Bike Cell Phone Charger
For the few people that visit this page that don't actually know me personally, you may not know that aside from geeky technology, my other passion is biking. Finally, something that brings these two worlds together. There are better pics than the one attached, but I chose this one because it proves that you can charge 3 kilopixel cameraphones as well (seriously, why would a major newspaper carry pics this poor?).

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Friday, March 04, 2005
Awesome image search lets you see a range of images that match your search terms AS YOU TYPE. So as you type out l-a-p-t-o-p n-i-n-j-a you'll see LA, Lap, Laptop related images. A cool time waster.

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Thursday, March 03, 2005
Suddenly, PowerBook The Coolest Laptop in the Worlds (again)
Some dude has tweaked the sudden motion sensor on the new PBs to use it in all sorts of cool ways. Imagine picking up your PB and using it as a VR window in real life (perspectives can change according to how you move it), or having the windows stay flat no matter how the PB was angled?

I'm sure I can find a valid reason why I need one of these now....The PowerBook Sudden Motion Sensor

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