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Laptop Ninja
A blog FOR Laptop Ninjas, not about them. A Laptop Ninja is a cousin of the more common Web Ronin. As a solitary figure who's skills with computer technology and design, the Laptop Ninja survives by performing contract work from cafes, public parks, and sometimes rooftops. The Laptop Ninja's sword is his 802.11 connection, his iPod his throwing stars, and his Bluetooth cellphone his Nunchucks. All of which are usually carried in a discreet messenger bag.
Friday, September 16, 2005
Rejoice Canadian Laptop Ninjas!
Sick of the jelousy that courses through your veins whenever an American mentions EVDO or any other high speed wireless service? Tired of avoiding any coverage of European or Asian wireless services for fear you will weep on your Powerbook keyboard? Well, this may end three years from now (remember when Canada was a leader in such things?) when Bell and Rogers team up to offer high speed wireless through their joint venture "Inukshuk Internet Inc.".

So take that grief of not having a high-speed wireless service, and get ready to have it turn into grief over the pending insane pricing and poor service.

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