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Wednesday, September 06, 2006
More Hope in Canadian Number Portability
Looks like March 15th is the day that many of us Canadian Laptop Ninjas have been waiting for(though it's a CRTC deadline so I know not to get too excited). After ignoring the issue, hoping it would take care of itself, and letting it slip, the CRTC has set March 14th as the deadline for number portability in Canada. For thos who don't know, munber portability will let you as a customer take a phone number with you when you switch cell carriers, the number you've come to be identified with will no longer be held at ransom.

The big implication of this isn't that there will be a mass rush of people switching carriers as sooon as they're allowed to, it's that the cell companies will have one less thing to keep you paying them in spite of their horrible service and offerings. So what does that mean for the carriers? After March 14th they'll have to win and keep your business the old fashion way, with service, products, and an overall experiance that is preferable to that of their competitors. Imagine that.

Beware though, you can bet that companies will be pushing long-term contracts on phones pretty hard as the deading approches. Don't get caught.

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